Our mission

Allow everyone to live, work and enjoy in inclusive reception conditions and thus improve their quality of life, enjoy under inclusive reception conditions and thus improve his quality of life.

A virtuous team & company.

Justin Marquant, founder of Picto Access, following his training as a web documentalist and numerous trips to deal with social and societal issues, meets Eloi specialized educator. After telling him about the enormous difficulties in organizing outings from his center with his groups of children and adults with disabilities, they decided together to develop digital tools to meet the needs of users as well as the needs of the smartCity and the smart cities of tomorrow in terms of welcoming the most fragile audiences.

Today, Picto Access, a Solidarity Company recognized for Social Utility (ESUS) by the government, federates a unique community of actors (public, private, carriers, organizations, associations, citizens ...) who are committed to putting color to accessibility and thus make our territory more inclusive.

Our ambition: to support our customers to build together a better world because accessible everywhere, and for all.

Justin has surrounded himself with a great team, which shares the same ambition and commitment on a daily basis in favor of accessibility for all.

Picto Access par APF France handicap

Since 2022, Picto Access has fully integrated the APF France handicap association, now referred to as "Picto Access by APF France handicap". This integration allows for continuity of projects and common ambitions, which aim to respond to the challenges of accessibility everywhere and for everyone. Historical challenges for which solutions exist and which make sense with the advocacy historically defended by APF France handicap. The central objective of Picto Access is to promote autonomous mobility for all through information on user accessibility, because knowledge means giving everyone access to a full and complete life in society and its communities. everyday uses in life in society. The Picto Access tool by APF France handicap is therefore a solution to the challenges mentioned. Because together, we offer amplified collective capacity and skills, thus strengthening our effectiveness to act in a more impactful way. From June 2022, the members (members) of APF France handicap have mobilized to develop the new associative project entitled “Straight ahead, rights of the future: Let's be the change!”. This project will guide associative actions from 2024 to 2028 within APF France handicap, highlighting three major aspirations for people with disabilities and society as a whole: - Defend and realize fundamental rights and freedoms. - Act in favor of a just, united and sustainable society. - Reinvent APF France handicap.

The team


Ambre Santer

Project Manager - Customer Relations


Caroline Fraenkel

Marketing & Communication Director


Daniel Grancho

Business Developer & International Partnership Manager


Ellyn Vadrot

Assistant project manager - Customer Relations


Pierrick Druart

Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Innovation manager


Salomé Yakoubene-Harmand

Project Manager - Customer Relations

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